On your bike!

Brits are not known for their desire to cast aside their clothing and walk free as the day they were born however the World naked bike ride seems to have captured the attention of many. Designed to protest again petrol and oil domination, people are encouraged to take to the streets on their bikes – funnily enough on the same day as the Queen will oversee the trooping of the colour. We would imagine that the two events are set in different areas to one another as it could be rather awkward of the two were to mix. Why people are encouraged to ride naked is not known however we can only imagine it is to attract more encouragement that one would normally expect from drivers when faced with thousands of bicycles on the road.

If you prefer to shed your attire in a little more privacy then of course we can accommodate your needs. There is little chance of any of our beautiful London escorts joining the protest though as this may be a little to public for them. Our ladies prefer to unveil themselves in all their glory in somewhat more private surroundings and they like to limit themselves to a single partner at a time unless they are enjoying a duo encounter of course.  If naked bicycle riding is your thing then go for it although do remember to present yourself fully clothed if you intend catching the tube home or going for a pub lunch!

Whilst it takes all sorts to make the world go round at Agency Barracuda we believe that our portfolio of play partners covers almost every desire and every choice imaginable. We have escorts from all parts of the world, equally uninhibited although with a wonderful sense of appropriateness, you will be glad to hear. Why not cal no and make your date for the weekend with any of the lovely ladies we promote.

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