Not Guilty. M’lud

There is not a day goes by when there isn’t some sex therapy article released on the internet or in the media. This week it is all about women being squeamish and not allowing themselves to fully relax and enjoy the wonderful feelings (and everything that go with it) when a man and woman become intimate. It seems that a great many women prefer to look cool and maintain their femininity during the act itself and never push the boundaries necessary to thoroughly and genuinely enjoy themselves.

At Agency barracuda we can guarantee that all of our beautiful London escorts are certainly outgoing and don’t let a few bodily functions get in their way of enjoying themselves. Of course when you are enjoying wild acrobatics there are bound to be a few things that might not count as cool however who cares? As long as you are both having fun, surely that is what counts.

There are far too many women who are not confident enough to initiate the first move. The transfer of power is the ultimate turn on for a man and all of our adventurous London escorts know it. Confidence is key and a desire to explore new avenues of delight is certainly the way to a man’s heart and will keep him coming back for more without a doubt.

It is sad that so many women do not know the potential of their own bodies although we can safely say that our more adventurous London escorts have written the map (which they don’t mid guiding you around either)!

There is no guilt in enjoying pleasure in any of its forms, during an intimacy there should actually be no thoughts whatsoever – just feelings and pleasure. Let your mind close down and let your body take over. It knows what to do if we let it. So in terms of not taking the lead or not exploring new paths of pleasure – our escorts are certainly not guilty!

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