No Trousers Tube Day

This Sunday 10th January sees the seventh annual No trousers on the tube day event in London. A chance to see your fellow travellers’ bare legs ( and usually more) in support of nothing more than an opportunity to be silly is something that was borrowed from our American cousins and now seen all over the world. The event was originally started in New York in 2002 and has since spread to other world cities although perhaps not all of them will be facing freezing temperatures in January. Whilst it all starts off as great fun there are always those who take it that little bit too far with their things and skiddies on show for all to see.

On Monday morning the newspapers will be flooded with pictures of people in their unmentionables who perhaps might have been better advised to keep it all under wraps. Tube seats are germ filled enough without bare flesh adding to the pot! Whilst we can all hope that a group of stunning lingerie models decide to support the event it is unlikely and we will be left with images of bare legs and more of those same delusional set of people who also audition for X factor under the misconception that they can sing.

If there were anyone who would be welcome to wander about the tube service in their undies it would be our gorgeous London escorts. However in the unlikely event of this happening clients had better have a backup plan in place to deal with their disappointment. Call our team now to make your date with any of our stunning escorts in London but if you make an outcall booking, don’t expect the lady of your choice to arrive by tube as that is not going to happen. Just thought we would make that point.

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