No sucking just lick and nibble!

If you missed the Uber free Ice cream giveaway last week, don’t fret as it turns out there was a miscommunication in the fact that the company delivered ice lollies instead. As we know ice-cream and ice-lollies are two entirely different things and the company came under fire on social media because of it.

17 cities across the UK were the beneficiaries of Uber’s generosity however it didn’t go to plan when people started to complain that their expected ice-cream turned out to be just flavoured ice. Very disappointing indeed, even if they were free. Turns out though that recent research has shown that we haven’t been eating ice lollies properly anyway.

The best way to stop an ice-lolly from melting all over your feet is to start from the bottom and work your way up with a series of small bites and licks. Now it seems that the nation prefers to lick from the top down, resolutely working their way through the layers until the bottom or the inner layer is reached – given that the middle (in the case of the Mivvie) is where the good bit is or at the bottom (chocolate, in the case of the Cornetto) it would also seem that ice-lolly makers have got it all wrong too. Now those with sensitive teeth (and that is a resounding 58% of us) would flinmch at the thought of biting one so perhaps we should simply carry  on the way we are and just lick faster!

Most of our beautiful London escorts tend not to get in too much of a mess with their lollies but then of course, they are professional and really rather good at ensuring there are no drips. *Ahem* They automatically follow the rules of nibble and lick from the bottom up but draw the line at no sucking. Yes we are still talking about ice-lollies!

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