No sex please… We’re British!

London’s last sex cinema has now been closed.  New Cross in South London was the location for the last cinema to show 18+ adult films. Since it opened it has seen opposition from all areas of society from residents and local businesses, not to mention churches and schools in the local vicinity too.  The owners of the 487 club who ran the cinema charged  an annual  membership fee which including showing explicit films and allowed members to perform sex acts upon each other in the premises. Slightly risqué even for London we think you would agree especially in a city which promotes itself as a forward thinking, progressive society. Perhaps not so progressive after all.

After the ban on selling adult films in the UK and now showing them, it is no wonder that people are looking elsewhere for their kicks. Rather than watching something on the small screen, why not take part and enjoy a live action version yourself. Certainly more fun taking part than just watching from the sidelines we always believe!

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