My Sexual Education

I had enrolled in sex education classes in the evening, as I needed the certificate for my job as a trainer. The young woman who welcomed me into the class was stunning. She had flaming red hair and a beautiful petite figure, which was set off perfectly by her skin-tight skirt and low cut blouse. I seemed to be the only person in the class. She introduced herself as Miss Adamson and apologised for the lack of pupils, there had been some mix up with dates and everyone else was starting next week. “Are you ok to teach me tonight”, I asked, “Of course, it was my bad so please, find a seat”.

She started to deliver a power point presentation, which though professional, was utterly overtaken by the presentation of her breasts through the sheer blouse, especially when she leant over her desk. I started to fantasise about bending HER over that desk. Maybe I was imagining it, but she seemed to be a little hot and bothered herself and she undid her blouse by two buttons, which nearly exposed the top of her nipples. This teacher was seriously hot.

“Can you tell me a bit about your sexual experiences”, She asked, “Ever done any role play?”.  “Hmm I’m a little shy with women”. “That’s a shame as you are a really hot, pretty damn sexy in fact”. My face went red as I explained that I had never felt completely able to satisfy a woman, especially with regard to letting them wank me off, I get nervous that I will disappoint them.

“Why don’t we try a bit of role-play then, to get you in practice again?”.

Miss Adamson moved from behind the desk and rubbed the now thick bulge behind my zipper and led me over to her desk. “Now here is what I want you to do”, she said firmly, which made my cock twitch with sudden lust. ” I want you to take off your jeans and sit on the desk while I go and lock the door”, and then she gave me a sexy wink. This night was just getting better and better.

My heart was beating rapidly as I watched Miss Adamson sashay across the classroom, wiggling her tight little ass. He slid off his white boxer shorts, which had tented over his huge erection. Shyly he shed his boxers to reveal a huge cock.

“Now,” she said, moving in so close that I could smell her sweet breath, “I’m going to touch you where you like to be touched “.

He closed his eyes in pleasure as she went up and down with one hand, while caressing his balls with the other.

At first, she went very slowly but as she sensed he was getting more and more turned on she increased the pace, twisting her hand to give him the most pleasurable experience possible.  Soon he was gasping and moaning until his cock started spurting gallons of creamy, white cum all over Miss Adamson’s see through blouse. She licked a bit. “I love the taste of cum, I used to be an escort in London and got lots of practice, next time I will give you a blow job. He almost came again, just thinking about those big red lips sliding up and down his cock and about Miss Adamson being an escort.  Needless to say he was first to arrive at next weeks evening class.

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