Model companions in London

A Model is usually someone who simply looks attractive and can sell whatever it is the company is promoting. At Agency Barracuda the way we use the terminology model escort is a little different to advertising companies in that we use the term Model to portray the beauty of our stunning London escort rather than use them to sell their services.

Our Model escorts in London are not those stick thin models we see strutting angrily up and down the catwalk. Our model escorts are more akin to lingerie models with sensational figures and desirable bodies. Whilst many of our model escorts are indeed professional models they tend to be for photographic, calendar and lingerie models than anything else. We have lots of PR girls and students too so the choice in all the different beauties you can spend time with is extensive.

Modelling is, in fact, quite a boring occupation and this is why many of our ladies enjoy their time as escort companions. It livens up a dreary week and allows them to spend time with interesting people in exciting places. Our model escorts are those ladies who seek adventure and have a healthy passion for fun. They have no ties or strings and are free spirits in every sense. The common quality that all our Model escorts share is in the fact that they are happy to simply go with the flow. They enjoy doing what feels good rather than what is expected of them and this is all part of the allure and attraction.

It is an obvious requirement that a model must be glamorous. All our Model escorts take great care in their appearance and presentation however not so much that they are not happy to get hot and tousled in the name of fun. Many model escorts in London think that they need to remain elegant and ‘beautiful’ at all times however our clients tell us that they find a woman who is more interested in the fun itself than how she looks engaging in it – our model escorts are those types of girls who simply adore getting in the swing of things and despite their immaculately glowing skins and long toned limbs they are perfectly happy in letting in their clients see their more enthusiastic side.

One of the drawbacks of promoting professional models is in the fact that they are not happy to have their faces published on a public website which is unrelated to their modelling career. We always take our time to reassure our clients that the sensational beauty of their bodies go hand in hand with their captivating features however they are unable to reveal in detail their faces on a public website. Once you are out and about together then your encounter is very much a date in every sense of the word and your model escort will stand proudly beside you at the event , engagement or location of your choice.

As you can see from our gallery our gorgeous model escorts tend to use their lingerie shots in their personal profiles and whilst these are delightfully tempting you will no doubt want your escort companion to arrive at your event dressed in more suitable attire. Our Model escorts are of course extremely stylish and chic and will always attend the event with you dressed to perfection and perfectly suited to the expected and accepted dress code. Of course if your encounter is to be private for the duration of the date then this is your chance to go a little more wild and should you opt to enjoy a fantasy or role play date then your model escort will of course bring along a selection of saucy costumes and accessories to enhance your fun together.

Our escorts are not just beautiful to look at. They have big personalities and are extremely down to earth and approachable. All our ladies are great conversationalists and always know how to steer the encounter in the right direction if you feel at a bit of a loss at times. These are highly skilled young ladies who simply follow their desires and the wealth of experience they hold means that you will enjoy one of the best experiences of your life. Call us at Agency Barracuda now to enjoy a date with any of our elite escorts in London or Internationally.

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