Meal to Remember

Stepping out of her fluffy towel, Dana crossed the bedroom to find her knickers. They were lying in a heap with her other clothes where she had kicked them off to masturbate. Tiny and pink the silk barely covered her large, round bottom. It jiggled slightly as she bent over to slide the panties up her gleaming thighs. She had been so turned on after her sexy phone call with Simon that she had been wet before she even got through the front door. Dana worked as an escort so she was continually getting turned on, the job suited her, and Simon well. They were meeting for dinner at his flat and the thought of making love to him after had made her so horny was intoxicating. Simon had taken her to levels of ecstasy that no lover had before. Naked but for her pink panties, Dana stole a glance in the mirror at her firm body and full, round breasts and saw that her nipples were like bullets. No time to stop, she consoled herself with the thought that Simon would be sucking and nibbling on them before long.

Anticipating dinner with Dana, Simon hadn’t fared much better. He had awakened early with a swollen cock and visions of Dana riding him. Lying flat on his back, Simon only needed a couple of minutes of gentle stroking to soak his flat stomach in milky cum. But this early morning release would not affect his performance later.  She was impossible to resist.

Later, Dana texted Simon to say she was just round the corner. That was his signal to cover himself with nothing but a towel. No need to text back, she would be here any second. When Dana knocked on the door, Simon opened the door and dropped the towel to the ground. Dana laughed in delighted surprise, she certainly appreciated his naked gesture and he could see her eyes drinking in his naked groin. He guided her hand to his dangling cock and said ‘Well you did come for lunch”. She got the message, with the door barely closed, Dana dropped to her knees, encircling Simon’s cock with her warm, wet mouth and stroking the stiffening shaft. She traced her lips round the head then licked up and down his hard shaft, then worked him deeper into her throat. Simon gasped and pulled her face gently away, then pulled her to her feet and on into the dimly lit bedroom. He kissed her deeply and stroked her gorgeous face, and then he lifted her dress over her head and pushed her onto the bed. Dana moaned as he showered wet, hard kisses on her thighs and belly until his savage mouth reached her aching nipples. His longed for mouth tugged and bit at her straining nipples and she yelped in pain and pleasure. Tugging her panties off, Simon thrust his fingers deep into Dana’s soaking mound. He knelt above her lovely writhing body and roughly yanked her legs apart. She moaned uncontrollably now and he lifted up her legs and thrust himself inside her. Plunging deep between her thighs, the scent of their lovemaking was intoxicating; it drove them both into a writhing, moaning frenzy, grinding their sweaty, naked bodies together. Simon lifted her legs over his shoulders and rammed his member deeper still. She felt so hot. Suddenly Dana started to shake and gasp, she was gone, overcome with ecstasy, juices flooding from her, soaking them both. Pulling urgently from Dana’s sopping mound, Simon knelt over her quivering body and guided his rod to direct a creamy white stream at her heaving, sweat glazed breasts and open mouth. Then he rolled over, gasping at her side, loving the feel of the cum soaked sheets beneath them. Simon felt immensely proud, he loved bringing Dana to climax like this, the same way she loved doing the same for him. Hours later, still lying in bed, they talked about their mutual appreciation for having the other as a lover. Neither had felt so sexually connected before. Dana worked as an escort so she did not lack for sex but somehow together they were dynamite. Simon loved hearing about her sexploits.

He imagined other men, hot men by the sound of it, plundering his partner’s receptive, open body, rubbing their hands over her huge breasts, fingering her sopping crotch and felt himself get hard again. Dana slid her supple body round and took his huge cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and taking his balls in her mouth and tasting the salty sweetness of them.  She ran her moth up his shaft and he felt that he might explode. She sensed this and took her mouth away from his throbbing member and plunged her wet tongue deep in his gasping mouth. Her mouth tasted amazing, he loved the feel of her body pressed against his. Dana was thinking the same thing, Simon’s muscled body and big cock never failed to turn her on. She loved men’s bodies, their different smells and body shapes, some big and hairy, some wiry and small, she adored them all. She felt lucky to be able to have this at work then come home to the same passion, it kept her perpetually turned on. Simon loved it when she came dressed in her escort clothing, he would smell her body and get her to tell about the men she had been with that day. She felt Simon’s cock stirring against her firm thigh and bent down to finish what she had started. He tasted so good and she soon got a regular rhythm going as her mouth slid up and down him. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and gasped as she felt him shoot streams of warm cum down her willing open mouth. Dinner had never tasted so good.

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