Love in Elevator

A stunning redheaded escort sat across the dinner table from him. Their booth in the upmarket restaurant was secluded and intimate. Vana was excellent company; she was flirty, fun and alluring. The talk flowed easily and he found himself becoming more attracted to her by the minute. She made him laugh and he really could not stop staring at her wide red mouth. The Russian escort was mesmerising, with her seductive curves, bright scarlet hair and long shapely legs, he was becoming increasingly horny for her.

If she could use her mouth on his body as well as she moved it in witty conversation then he was in for a wild night.

Just as he popped some lobster into his mouth, he felt Vana’s stocking clad foot slide up his thighs. He nearly choked but felt other parts of his body respond to her delicate ministrations. He had never done anything like this in a public place. But he was really starting to enjoy it. He glanced around the restaurant and caught a waiter’s eye, he blushed until the waiter gave him thumbs up, and then he felt proud.

Vana’s agile toes worked their way around his crotch, wriggling against his now throbbing cock. Her other foot made its way up to his balls, gently rubbing them under the table. She was talking but it took a minute to focus on what she was saying. Then he heard a cough and it was the waiter standing next to him with their dessert, a big grin on his face and a bulge in his trousers. As the waiter lurched away, Vana and he got the giggles about the shocked but happy waiter. He watched as Vana daintily licked at her ice cream, seeming to enjoy licking all the icy dribbles from around her bowl, she looked like a cat, and he imagined her purring with delight. After she had finished her bowl, she leaned across the table and took his hand in hers and said “Thank you for a delicious meal and an amazing evening, I can’t wait to get you back to your hotel and into a hot shower”. The thought of Vana naked in a shower with him made his cock jump in his trousers. He signalled to the waiter who was red faced and sweating and paid the bill, making sure to tip the waiter. Vana leaned over and kissed the waiter goodbye, pressing deliberately against his still noticeable cock. They left, laughing about how confused Vana had made the waiter. She already knew that he was turned on by the thought of a beautiful slutty woman going home with him.

The sexy young escort, slipped into his passenger seat and made herself comfortable, he felt her nimble fingers on his fly as soon as he started the engine. His big cock sprung out of the confines of his trousers and he felt her hand curl around it. Cool air blew across it then the molten heat of her warm, searching lips. Vana’s oral technique was incredible. She applied just the right amount of pressure, sucking him slowly and taking him deep into her wet mouth. He was finding it hard to concentrate on driving but dammit, her mouth felt so good. He watched her sensuous lips slide up and down his throbbing cock, in and out, deeper into her throat. He took one hand from the wheel and pushed her red head down on his cock and thought he might explode from the pleasure running up and down his thrusting body. She choked as he shot gallons of steamy cum down her throat and he gasped with delight. Pulling gently away from him, she laughed and said ” Best keep an eye on the road, there’s plenty more where that came from”.

They soon parked outside his swanky hotel and were shortly in the lift together, Vana lifted her dress up and gyrated her hips at his delighted face, “I’ve always wanted to make love in a lift, will you oblige me? He didn’t need a second telling, even though she had drained his cock five minutes ago, he felt himself go as stiff as a board at her saucy words. Without much ado, he pushed her writhing hot body against the wall of the escalator and ripped her panties off, she thrust her crotch meaningly at his bulging groin and he quickly tugged down his trousers and thrust his huge cock inside her soaking pussy. She screamed as his dick rammed into her and he felt warm juices run down his thighs, this hot young escort was really into his cock. She wildly thrust her body against him as he banged her tight hole, their gasping echoing in the small lift. Suddenly the lift stopped and the door slid open, a young guy stood there, in his late teens, his eyes popping out of his head at the delectable sight before his eyes. A whim came over him and he whispered something to Vana then asked the guy if he wanted to join in, without waiting even a second the young buck strode in unbuckling his trousers. As the lift door slid shut again the newcomer went on his knees before Vana and watched as her body bent down to take his cock too. With one cock in her sopping mound and another stuffed into her open mouth, Vana felt as though she might burst apart from pleasure, the young guy’s cock tasted so good and she sucked him at the same rhythm as she was getting pounded. Both of the men could not keep their eyes of what the skilful escort was doing sliding back on the big cock impaling her and eagerly gobbling the young cock. Her body started to twitch with a massive orgasm and this was all the men needed before they both shot their loads into her sexy body. They all gasped from utter satisfaction and shakily pulled their clothes on. As the lift approached their floor, Vana kissed the young man goodbye and they left for their suite. My sultry night with Vana had only just started.

A Mesmerising Encounter

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