London Escorts Experience

When a new escort service opened in London, it was of not much interest to Sam Jones and he would never have thought of meeting anyone from it if it wasn’t for his friend, Adam.

“It’s great, I have met two London escorts already and had the best time, really hot girls and they gave me the best night of my life, maybe I was greedy booking two escorts but what the hell, you only live once”.

Sam had recently split up from his girlfriend Sue after a daft argument about her refusing to give him a blowjob. As a result, he was getting no sex at all now and his balls felt blue from frustration. After hearing Adam go on about how amazing the London escort company was, Sam was thinking of giving his friends recommendation a try. Agency Barracuda had a really inviting website, with a huge range of gorgeous women, from flirty blondes to seductive brunettes, all of them stunning. Before he chickened out, Sam booked two hours with a lovely redhead for that night.

Sitting across from the table from Sam, a curvy, scarlet haired vision, “Venus” was telling him a sexy little story which, to be truthful was making him hard. “Venus” was beautiful, funny and very, very sexy. If this was what London escorts were like, then Sam was all in! “Venus” had picked the exclusive members club, where they were now sat. The lighting and background music created an ambience that made Sam feel full of anticipation. After they had eaten and shared a bottle of red, “Venus” took Sam’s hand and led him into a dimly lit room with a long sofa. As they sat on the red, velvet sofa, they started to kiss deeply. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and then started to unzip his trousers. By the time they were off, Sam was breathing heavily and “Venus” was flushed from excitement. Taking a bottle of oil from her bag, she started to rub oil all over his body, paying particular attention to his now rock hard cock. Her small hands felt so good, rubbing his shaft until he felt that he would explode.  “Venus” started to kiss his chest, sucking on his nipples, and then slowly working her way downwards. She lightly flicked her tongue against his balls and massaged them and then took his stiff cock in her warm, wet mouth. Grasping on to his thighs, she moved her mouth up and down his shaft, stopping every now and then to take his balls into her mouth. She sucked his cock, twirling her tongue around the head before licking his shaft, it felt so good. She was so enthusiastic about it, moaning gently as her head bobbed up and down on his raging member.  He had not felt so horny for a long time, as her pace quickened, Sam felt his balls tighten before he shot his creamy load down her throat, and it felt amazing. After he came for what felt like an hour, ‘Venus” kissed him and gave him her card, “as a reminder before the next time”. “No need for a reminder”, Sam croaked, “I want to book you for the weekend, that was fucking fantastic”.

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