Just say no! Or not…

There are times as an adult that we just want to hand over the reins of control to someone else and simply do as we are told. This is especially true in sensual situations where it is exciting and thrilling to be unable to say no. To have someone be in control of the proceedings and to have to act upon their desires is highly desirable in itself and with our beautiful Domination escorts that is exactly what you will enjoy.

Domination is not all about mistreating someone for our own pleasure. It is about a mutual understanding of one’s boundaries and limitations and taking the pleasure to its very limits and sometimes beyond, however a great deal of courage and mutual respect is required in order to be able to do this effectively and our London Domination escorts  are the perfect ladies to fulfil your needs.

Domination is all about releasing the control and having enough trust in your partner to allow them to guide the fun in the direction that they want. Our Domination escorts are highly experienced and careful to ensure that the fun goes as far as you want although this can include pleasurable pain as well as humiliation or physical domination. Restricted pleasure is also a thrill and something our clients adore as the anticipation of finding out what your strict mistress has in store for you can be almost as exciting as the encounter itself!

Dressing to impress is a very important aspect of domination fun. Role play is at the core of the action and our wonderful beauties always fully embrace their roles to give Oscar worthy performances in their leather or latex or PVC outfits. Let’s not forget those handy accessories that are necessary to maintain order so paddles, whips, cuffs and chains are all part of the ensemble to create an exhilarating encounter like none experienced before.

Our Domination escorts at Agency Barracuda might look sweet and charming in their profiles but rest assured they have a more dangerous side that will only be revealed when you book a naughty domination escort date. You may be surprised at their transformations from sensual and erotic beauties to strict mistresses and daring Dominatrix so prepare yourself for the discovery of your deepest and darkest delights and decide how far do you want to take your desire?

Fetish fun can take many forms and sometimes if you are only just discovering your kink then it might just take the form of a little spanking or perhaps withholding pleasure. Sometimes it is all about the outfit or the naughty talk and sometimes for those who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle it can mean much more in terms of helplessness and complete dominance. Our London domination escorts will discuss your needs with you beforehand and will always respect your boundaries to ensure that your absolute pleasure is achieved in its purest form.

At Agency Barracuda we find that gentlemen who lead responsible lives in high powered positions are the most likely to enjoy domination as it is about more than a sensual tryst. It is all about relinquishing control and taking on a more submissive role. This is a great stress reliever for those who must maintain power and control in their everyday lives so the chance to take orders and be at the mercy of someone else especially a virtual stranger in such an exposed and vulnerable situation is both thrilling and adds an element of danger to the encounter.

Unlike the strict lifestyle mistresses, our domination escorts do reward good behaviour with total and absolute fulfilment. At Agency Barracuda our domination escorts believe that it is part of the trust process for you to know that ultimately your needs will be fulfilled as long as you are well behaved and follow the instructions given to you.

All our domination escorts are experienced and convincing in their roles as mistresses and dominatrix devils. They are sensationally beautiful although they will not stand for any subversive defiance so don’t make the mistake of confusing beauty with gentleness as our domination escorts in London are committed to their roles and steeled to accept nothing but absolute control.

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