Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a huge national holiday in America and sees people of all ages and beliefs travel hundreds of miles in order to get to wherever their thanksgiving celebrations are taking place. In some ways Thanksgiving is more embraced than Christmas and although this is not a national holiday in the UK, the large US ex-pat community in London has ensured that there are plenty of things to enjoy and get that wholesome American experience right here, across the pond.

The largest community of Americans in London is in Chelsea where over 6% of the local population were born in the States. The only other area where there are a greater number of Americans is in Mildenhall in Suffolk on the USAF bases. Chelsea, not surprisingly is the best place to go if you are looking for some all-American themed dinners and lots of restaurants and bars have embraced the Thanksgiving themes and these are great places to go for a good night out.

The Big easy on the Kings Road is offering three courses with lobster, turkey and all the trimmings (including a hefty side serving of mac’n’cheese) finished off with a three layered red velvet cake for desert! You can wash it all down with American themed cocktails like their signature Pumpkin martinis. Goat is another option set in the style of a New York Italian diner with choices of bacon and sweetcorn chowder and pecan pie as well as the traditional main roast. If all that has you salivating with delight imagine enjoying your meal with one of the most gorgeous women in London. Our outcall only escorts are perfect partners for pleasures of all kinds however we would expect that you would be only too happy to skip desert in favour of a sweet treat of an altogether different kind! You are going to have to work off those martini’s somehow! Call Agency Barracuda and make that date fast on 07912 673 063

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