Feathered fun in London

April 2nd is the date that everyone around the world will have their pillows at the ready as it is the 7th Annual world pillow fight day. In previous years the event in London has been held in Trafalgar square  (already full of feathers anyway) however given that this year a Monopoly board has already taken centre stage, the event is due to be held in Green park. So grab your fluffiest pillows and head over for a battle of the bolsters and whilst the event is free and unchaperoned for the most part there are only two rules that you need to abide by and they are not to hit anyone without a pillow of their own (known as unarmed people) or those holding cameras. You will have noticed that we mentioned it was a world event which means that it is not just London taking part. Almost every major city in the world is taking part so even if you are as far afield as Dubai you can still enjoy taking out all that frustration you must have living in the height of luxurious opulence.

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