Fantasy Submission

Vauxhall has long been known as the hub of the alternative lifestyle however now it is embracing the more exotic forms of pleasure with more than a nod to BDSM. In a small  gym under the Vauxhall arches, you will find that Female model wrestling has become extremely popular amongst the white collar workers in the city. Men pay rather large amounts to enjoy the pleasure of being the subject of these female wrestlers attentions, and we do mean in full combat form!  For those who enjoy the more exotic pleasure of female domination, the desire and excitement that this type of fun can bring is understood although now that it is finally going more mainstream there have been incredulous cries of disbelief from the general public. Those of us who get our kicks from the more adventurous types of fun see nothing unusual in this and thoroughly support the fact that it is being brought out into the open a little more.

For those who have stressful jobs or roles in society, the chance to relinquish the reigns of control means setting oneself totally free to enjoy pleasure. For the most part, those who have great responsibility in life are never fully able to let go and allow themselves the freedom to truly enjoy themselves and so enjoying a little female domination or male submission is a way of keeping the real world at bay at least just for a short period of time.

At Agency Barracuda, whilst we do not take part in Female Model wrestling we do have plenty of beautiful London escorts who are always more than happy to indulge clients in their submissive sides. Our domination and fetish escorts are certainly confident young women who know exactly what they want and what you want too and they know precisely how to achieve the heady heights of satisfaction that may elude a regular London escort. Whilst we are not encouraging anyone to enter a boxing ring and submit themselves to a beating, our domination escorts are ladies who know who is in charge and by restraints, sensual depravation and all manner of different pleasures they can help clients relax and allow themselves to be taken on a journey of self discovery.

If this sounds like something that could interest you then of course do feel free to browse our fetish and domination galleries. Our domination escorts are different from lifestyle mistresses in that they delight in full satisfaction and so bridge the gap between a regular London escort and a mistress. You could say that you would be having your cake and eating it or at least fulfilling a long held secret desire to be at the mercy of someone else’s kink.

If this is something that you have not experienced before then by all means speak to one of our team so that they can answer any questions you may have and alleviate any possible reservations or fears. All our domination and fetish escorts are extremely professional and sympathetic to your needs. Dates with our beautiful London escorts can be booked with confidence due to the delicate nature of the requests.

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