Erotic Cosplay!

It seems that Halloween is not just for kids these days if internet search data is to be believed. Over the weekend the most searched for term was of course Halloween however after that it all goes a bit naughty with terms like Halloween orgy, adult sexy Halloween costumes and sexy cosplay all seeing a big increase naturally.

Perhaps it is simply because of all the parties and the general theme of everything but it does seem to be an opportunity for people to really let their imaginations and deepest desires run free. Role-play is the ideal chance to step into someone else’s shoes for a brief encounter. Playing a role means that you won’t need to take responsibility for your actions and for many people who feel the need to conform in their daily lives role-play is a perfect way to push the boundaries and experience sexy fun under the guise of ‘acting’.

At Agency Barracuda you will find a wonderful choice of stunning London escorts who are always more than happy to take on whatever role you choose for them. They too, love to play pretend and whether you have taboo desires or exotic tastes in your fantasies, our amazing escort girls will be your perfect muse.

Top role- play fantasies

Repairman – These are ideal for incall appointments as you can arrive at your chosen companions home as her repairman and tinker with her appliances. The ‘unexpected’ encounter is exciting even though you will have alerted us to your fantasy beforehand. You can expect your sexy date to play along with an Oscar deserving performance in her role as pretty little housewife or perhaps helpless female against your heroic handyman.

Teacher and pupil – Doesn’t always have to be a classroom scenario perhaps you could be a private tutor in piano, cello or other musical instrument, perhaps you could be a personal trainer visiting a client when things get a little out of hand. Your role will be one of control and guidance with your pupil following your every command and desire, so a dominant versus submissive type of fun. Expect your London escort date to play the naïve pupil perfectly for a performance deserving of an encore.

The stripper – exhibitionism and voyeurism all in one, let your beauty treat you to the ultimate strip tease, one where you cannot touch or use your hands. See how much of a tease she can be and how much of it you can take before taking control and releasing the tiger in you.

Most fantasies involve an element of danger in the form of discovery or perhaps impulsive behaviour. We are all programmed to follow rules in our everyday lives from obeying the alarm clock to driving on the left hand side of the road. Sometimes we just need to feel like we are breaking some rules and tasting a forbidden fruit to feel that surge of exhilaration and thrill of adventure. Sexy role-play and fantasy fun can release from our everyday lives so that we can be the person we are afraid to be in our daily lives. We can take more risks, we can be more spontaneous and we can thoroughly enjoy it without any guilt or reprisals. Our stunning London escorts are the ideal partners for play as they have the enthusiasm and the imagination to roll with the theme and take it to new levels beyond your original desires.

The best part of sexy role play adventures is the enthusiasm. At Agency Barracuda we have a veritable smorgasbord of budding young actresses who will throw themselves into whatever role you desire so why not think up a theme and let us know. We promise to match you with your ideal leading lady.

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