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Disneyland is so passe!

How many people have saved up for aeons in order to realise their dream of visiting Disneyland. The draw of the bloke in a mouse suit is just irresistible and add to that the chance to enjoy some thrills and spills of death defying rides and the choice is made. However, London is about to cash in on all those thrill seekers and a new theme park is set to be built in London itself! Your inner child may not able to contain itself!

The London theme park is set to be built by Paramount rather than Disney and boasts ideas to include rides, live shows, music events and carnivals as well as a theatre with West End-style shows, an indoor water park, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shopping and an art-house style cinema! Exciting stuff! Although it is not quite London but in Kent that this attraction is proposed to be built on the Swanscombe peninsular however with easy access for those in London visitors can always be sure of visiting with a suitable and fun companion as there is nothing our beautiful London escorts enjoy more than a thrilling day out!

Any date with our gorgeous London escorts will be thrilling. These are the ladies who can put the pizzazz back into your play and know just how to raise your heartbeat, well in a heartbeat! You won’t actually need all those heart stopping rides to get your adrenalin levels up as our very own London escorts can manage perfectly well without them!

Of course clients will want to spend their time at the new attraction in the very best of company and so at Agency barracuda we offer dates that are longer than the usual single hour appointments. Clients can enjoy overnight trysts as well as those which may last for an entire weekend if you think you have the energy to keep up with your companion for that length of time!

Of course you can give it all a miss and create your own wild night in, even if only for an hour without leaving the city at all. Our beautiful London escorts are always available to liven up a week day evening and indeed a weekend evening too. But not only are our stunning companions available for dates after the ‘sun’ goes down (using the word loosely for the UK) they are also available to meet for a clandestine treat during the day too. Given the fact that the park has not even submitted for planning permission yet and developers expect that the project will not be completed until 2021 although you won’t have to wait that long to make a date with our gorgeous London escorts

At Agency barracuda our gorgeous London escorts are available at all times. Our portfolio of beauties extends to ladies from all countries of the world so no matter what your preferences you can always find a London escort who meets your needs. Why not take a look now and make that date without hesitation

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