Contactless sex is a thing.. Apparently!

We’ve had contactless payments which actually is quite handy – although by putting your card on the machine you can never actually see if it has been accepted or when to take it off, however contactless sex is apparently here.  A new page soon to be added to the Karma Sutra, this position has been inspired by the discovery of the Bombay Frogs mating rituals. Apparently the male straddles the female whilst not actually touching and gets his rocks off over her back. The female’s eggs are fertilised when the sperm runs down her back and into the path of her eggs – romantic! Can’t really see this catching on and seems a little pointless (not to mention messy) however – each to their own. Can’t knock it for effectiveness though as the Bombay Frogs have been around for hundreds of thousands of years so it obviously works although perhaps a bunch of flowers might add a little more tenderness to the copulation!

This could perhaps be considered as a fetish? There are many different ways that people find fulfilment and whilst this may not be one of your first choices for fun who are we to cast judgement. At Agency barracuda we embrace all forms of pleasure and what me be considered as taboo for one person is just the norm for another. All of our elite London escorts are extremely experienced and very open minded so there is little that they have not experienced and enjoyed and even fewer things that will shock.

At Agency Barracuda we encourage all our clients to discover their deepest desires. Whether that simply involves romancing a beautiful woman or perhaps something a little more personalised. The choice is yours and as long as it remains within the realms of fun we have a number of BDSM escorts who could add to the overall exotic flavour of your time together. Call our dedicated team to make your booking now.

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