Champagne shortage

Champagne is the celebratory drink of choice for most people. Sure we can manage on prosecco for a while but nothing beats those expensive little bubbles in times of need. There could be a problem though as wedding season gets underway, since there is apparently a champagne shortage about to hit us! The weather in France has not been too good this year and the yield for champagne grapes is very low. This means that the winemakers have had to dip into their reserves in order to meet current (not a pun) demand and if this continues into next year we could all be in big trouble. Of course prosecco is not affected so should all breathe a sigh of relief!

Our stunning London escorts love a glass of bubbly. It is a sign of refinement and good taste when their companions order a bottle at dinner or for any occasion really. Just be careful when opening it though as we don’t want to waste any – especially in this time of bubbly drought!

You don’t always have to have champagne when enjoying your date with our London escorts however it does add a lovely element of glamour to the occasion, especially if you are out to dinner or socialising in public. In private you won’t want to waste your time with drinking as you may have other things on your mind and certainly our stunning escorts in London know how to keep you enthralled and entertained without added intoxication!

Like most things, when it is short supply we want it all the more. Here at Agency Barracuda we like to ensure that all our client’s desires are fulfilled and always have an extensive gallery of gorgeous girls for our gents to choose. We always find that the sheer choice makes our clients even more determined to spend their time with one of our stunning London escorts bit then perhaps that is the difference between champagne and escorts – you can never have enough of our London escorts!

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