Celebrating International Men’s day

There has been some controversy over International men’s day with colleges and universities actually banning the event and changing the focus of the day to concentrate on things like female pay inequality and other ‘on-trend’ subjects. However we, at Agency Barracuda, would like to extend our warmest and most sincere appreciation to all our male clients because without them, our ladies would have no one to enjoy intimate encounters with!

The point of this day is to promote positive male role models and male health issues and is supported by a number of countries around the world. Given that we have an International women’s day it does seem only fair that we should give praise to the men in our lives in a similar way. The theme for 2015 is “Make A Difference for Men and Boys” and covers many serious issues affecting the male gender of our species.

A gentleman is considered to be a positive role model and at Agency Barracuda we are delighted to state that we consider all our valued clients to be gentlemen of the highest order. They are chivalrous, thoughtful and respectful and whilst we don’t expect them to run around holding doors open – our ladies are quite capable of opening a door themselves, to be the object of the attentions of someone so polite and charming is a flattering and enjoyable experience.

A gentleman always appreciates the effort that a lady goes to in order to appeal to his desires and at Agency barracuda we know that our clients are always very appreciative. The feedback that our ladies receive is always glowing and reflects the excellent fun that our clients have when they book a sensual and erotic encounter. As Agency Barracuda is considered to be a high class escort agency we do tend to deal with the more well travelled gent. Executives and CEO’s are common companions for our elite and high class London escorts although we certainly do not discriminate against any gent booking the companionship of our ladies. If you are a man in need of some feminine charm then we are happy to hear from you and as long as our ladies feel comfortable in the company of their date then we are always happy to fulfil a booking.

International men’s day has previously been seen as a token gesture and suffered ridicule in the popular press and mainstream media. Of course there are the usual jokes that every day is Men’s day but this is only in limited, feminist areas. At Agency Barracuda we like to make every day Men’s day as our stunning London escorts enjoy spending intimate and sensual time with their male companions. The joy that our services bring enable our clients to reach fulfilment in their everyday lives and the opportunity to realise their dreams and desires in the company of a beautiful young lady is certainly not one we would not celebrate. If you want to celebrate International Men’s day in style then call our agency and make a date that will ensure an extra special time is enjoyed.

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