British Tube etiquette?

As a visitor to London you will find plenty of information about all the tourist spots and attractions in the city including where they are how to get there. You will also be able to grab a handy tube map which will show you the best station to access all of these delights however you will not find any written code on how you are expected to behave whilst using the system.

The British are known for their unwavering reserve and stiff upper lip in times of difficulty and in years gone by this has proved an excellent way of ‘carrying on regardless’. All manner of hell could be breaking loose around them but the true Brit will continue as if nothing had happened and complete the task in hand unruffled and un affected. Unless, of course, it takes place on the tube and that is when the reserve goes out of the window – or down the tube so to speak!

Our beautiful British escorts, especially those who have recently moved to London have often been perplexed by the behaviour that the natives display. Despite British people being seen as gregarious and outgoing, this does not, under any circumstance apply when travelling on public transport in the city. Eye contact is avoided at all costs and people would rather fall over than have a stranger ‘save’. This is because it requires physical touching which is a huge faux pas and would require the toucheé to leave the carriage at the next stop and wait for another train!

When a tube empties of people leaving two passengers seated beside one another, they will always remain in their positions pretending it is not a problem even though they are both desperate to move. This is the British way to not embarrass oneself nor cause embarrassment to others. The only thing it results in is angst at every corner and a build up of stress. Don’t even get us started on the new escalator rule at Holborn station, don’t they know standing on the right has been an unwritten rule for the last 100 years! Panic will ensue and Londoners are likely to frown and some may even tutt! Out loud! Of course there will always be those with a bit of a James Bond streak who will weave through those standing on the spot in order to get to the top a whole two seconds faster and to those daredevils we salute! Aha! We hear you cry – this is why there are so many British escorts in London to alleviate the highly strung underground passengers and you would be right since the best stress relief comes in the form of intimate encounters and revitalising trysts.

Our gorgeous British escorts understand only too well the perils of travelling on the tube and can sympathise with your latest rant and TfL tirade. Whilst our stunners do tend to use a personal driver to get to and from their assignations in the city they still travel by tube when they indulge in a spot of shopping and so can completely understand the frustrations of sharing an enclosed space with people you would rather not even share a planet. One person you will want to share with and that is your chosen British escort in London and that is because there is a time and a place for everything and personal contact is something that is discouraged on the tube and positively encouraged once you have reached the incall location of your sweet London escort.

And no. In case you are wondering, at the end of your encounter, our British escorts in London do not say ‘you have reached your destination’!

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