Blue Monday

If you are feeling a little miserable then join the rest of the planet because today is officially Blue Monday. Today is the date that scientists a few years back worked out would be the most depressing date of the year. They used a scientific formula that was all very impressive to the rest of us mere mortals to show that debt, weather, feeling bad about ourselves and our lack of will power, inability to keep to our resolutions and the length of time until payday would crowd in at their worst on this very date!

Trouble is, the ‘formula’ has been proven to be a hoax in that the guy that came up with it just a PR man working for Sky travel – (before it closed down) The point was just a PRE stunt designed to make people feel crap and therefore want to book a holiday to make themselves feel better and make us feel like we needed something to look forward to. Trouble is, back in 2006 when this formula came out, there was no such thing as ‘Blue Monday’ but it has become a self perpetuation prophesy and actually created the feelings it represented so now we really do have a date when it seems that everything closes in and could easily be described as Blue Monday!

Obviously whether the maths is correct or not, if you feel a bit low then you need something to look forward to and enjoy and short of booking a holiday – which actually seems a little extreme, you could book a date with one of our gorgeous London escorts instead! We have scores of beautiful st8nners who could welcome you into their homes in their bikinis and make you feel like you were on holiday – which is the next best thing we think! Plus you get to be the smug person in the office who is feeling unseasonably happy and only you know why! Call Agency Barracuda now and make a date with our glorious beauties now.

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