Battersea, Battered

Dubbed ‘Singapore-on-Thames’ Battersea has been the subject of a huge planned development and whilst other developments in Paddington and Docklands have been hailed a success story, poor old Nine Elms and Battersea itself might end up being the biggest white elephant since the O2 building – which still hasn’t paid for itself 16 years on!

Best known as one of the most iconic landmarks along the Thames the old Battersea power station was supposed to be redeveloped to breathe new life into this sad area of the city. New housing developments were hastily drawn up and uses for this magnificaent building were bandied around. Once the US Embassy announced plans to move to Nine Elms everything went into warp drive and no fewer than 17 planning applications for sky high towers to add to all the other phallic buildings in the city were submitted – and passed. Trouble is, no-one is buying. In their frenzy to get a foot in at the start of what was seen to be a safe project of titanic proportions (note the word titanic!) the developers failed to notice that no-one was investing. Now there are nearly 1000 apartments (very modern they are too) up for sale having never been lived in with no likelihood of anyone wanting to buy them.

Battersea is indeed a wonderful part of London and much of the housing stock is made from the old Victorian and Edwardian properties, now sympathetically converted into apartments. Indeed we have a number of Battersea escorts available for incalls in this area although most clients do tend to be commuters or those visiting to view property. Just a thought that no estate agent will tell you, if you do happen to buy one of these properties at least you know you will never be short of scintillating company! Why not find out for yourself and book a date with our gorgeous Battersea escorts in London.

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