Baker Street

Baker Street is a most famous road in the centre of London in the Marylebone area of the City of Westminster, so named in honour of William Baker, who was the builder responsible for the layout of this beautiful avenue in the 18th Century. Originally for the upper classes, Baker Street is now mostly made up of large multi-storied commercial buildings.

Baker Street is a busy thoroughfare running from Regents Park to Gloucester Place via York Street, Wigmore Street, Portman Square and of course the main artery know as the Marylebone Road. It also intersects with another main avenue known as one of the best shopping streets in London for tourists, which is the world famous Oxford Street.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Baker Street is its connection to the world renown fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. He lived and worked from an address that is 221B Baker Street, which is now the “Sherlock Holmes Museum”. A very popular tourist attraction often attracting very long queues, even in the cold and damp London weather during the Winter months.

Just down the road from the Sherlock Holmes Museum is Baker Street Underground Station, which, having entrances on all four corners of the intersections between Baker Street and Marylebone Road, serves many travellers to and from the commercial and tourist centres in the surrounding areas. Baker Street station also has the unique attribute as being the first Underground Station in the world.

More on the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street; apart from a display of wax figures appropriate to the life of Holmes and his friend and side-kick Dr. John Watson, there is a large display of Holmes memorabilia in the suitably period styled rooms. These rooms, occupied by the Victorian detective, are situated on the first floor and overlook the northern end of Baker Street and is mere yards away from Bake Street Station, thus making travel for tourist very convenient.

The London Central Mosque is also situated just north of Baker Street, just off Park Street on the edges of Regent’s Park, the home of the Famous Rose Gardens. The London Central Mosque can be identified by it’s distinctive Golden Dome and serves a large number of Muslims from the local and North London communities.

Another major London landmark would be the Madam Tussauds wax museum, located to the east of Baker Street, along the eastbound carriage way of the Marylebone Road. Just like the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Madam Tussauds is a favourite attraction for tourist from around the world and queues are ubiquitous whether rain or shine.

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