An Erotic Massage

I’m a single, thirty-four year old man. I had just had my birthday and decided to use the massage voucher that my best friend had given me for my birthday. I had just split up with my ex, and even before we split up, we had not had sex for over seven months so I was close to bursting. My best mate Mike knew about this so he got me a voucher for an escort service for a sexy massage. I was really looking forward to someone rubbing her hands all over my body. I got to the address, which was in a really nice area and pressed the buzzer. A sultry voice asked who was there and then buzzed me in, I was feeling pretty nervous but had the beginnings of a hard on.

I knocked on the door and was blown away by the vision that appeared in front of me, this girl was seriously hot. She had long black hair, dark skin, large brown eyes and luscious curves that just popped out of her silk negligée.  Her warm smile made me feel right at home.

“So, Dave, you are here for a rather special massage, could you come through, take your clothes off and I’ll get you feeling comfortable”.

I followed her through to a candle lit room with a massage table on it and did as she asked and took off my clothes and lay down. I began to relax as her warm hands started to rub my back. The effect of the candles, the oil and the soft touch of the masseuse were having the desired affect and I felt blissfully relaxed.

She started to run her hands all over my thighs and my bottom and she spread my legs a little wider, this was amazing.

“Ok, can you lie on your back for me”, “no problem”.

Her hands ran up and down my chest, tugging gently at my chest hairs and flicking at my nipples, which were now pebble hard.  I felt a tingling sensation run through my whole body. She started to play with my thighs and lightly touch and cup by swollen balls, my hard on was rock solid. Then she grasped my shaft and started to stroke it, using firmer movements, which made my cock, feel like it would explode. I let out a moan; it just felt so damn good.

“You like that?” She asked, smugly. “Very much” I replied. She started to jerk me off with a firm stroke and I could feel my balls tighten. Then unable to control myself, I started to pump my hips in the air, moving them faster and faster. At that point I shot a huge load of creamy, white cum in to the air, some of which hit her smiling face. She looked even more beautiful with my thick cum dribbling down her gorgeous cheeks. This escort was seriously hot.

After I had gathered my breath, she handed me a towel to wipe myself down and gave me a cheeky wink. I would be back for more next week.

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