Adventure with Sexy Boss

“Drinks tonight?” my friend Andrea texted me.  “No, too tired, just finished at the office, going straight back home,” I replied. After splitting up with Jon my boyfriend for the past 2 years, I wasn’t ready to be back to drinking and partying just yet. Andrea is a good friend, who I’ve known for years since college. We had done many wild things together, she was my first bisexual experience back in our college days. “Just one drink! Please xxx” . She won’t give up, I knew if I go just for just a quick one, it will be over soon, so I called her back and agreed to meet her in one of the bars in Chelsea.

It was a cold and rainy evening, my long blonde hair was wet and messy when I walked into the bar.  There was Andrea, with her perfect hair and makeup, in a very short black dress and beautiful high heel shoes.

“Hello darling! You look like you are very cold and need big drink”

“Yes please, should we get started on the cocktails? Or wine?”

While we were deciding on our drinks, a group of handsome men came through the front door of the bar and I recognised my boss amongst them. That wasn’t a pleasant surprise for me, as my arrogant and extremely hot looking boss was never very friendly with me at work, half of the time he wouldn’t even remember my name. “Oh, hello Sarah. I didn’t know you came to this bar as well” said my boss. “I usually don’t. My friend invited me here for the first time. Good that you remember my name for once” I smiled. He looked at me with a question in his eyes and walked back to his friends. “Babe, who is that guy? He looks soooo sexy, I can eat him alive” said Andrea. “My boss and I do not want to talk about him, as he is the biggest asshole in the world” I replied.

We sat in the bar for a couple of hours and 6 cocktails later Andrea went to the Ladies and I was staring at the people who were having drinks by the bar.  I waited and waited, but she hadn’t returned. Feeling bit tipsy I walked downstairs to find my friend. The toilet door was locked. I knocked and said “Andrea, are you ok?” She didn’t answer, but I could hear some noises inside. “Andrea, open the door! I know you’re there! Enough playing, I’m going home!” . Slowly. the door opens and OMG it was my boss with Andrea behind him. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the Ladies room. ” How good you are here. Your boss made me incredibly excited, and the only thing I could think of was your juicy and wet pussy!!!! ” she was getting on her knees and lifting my skirt. “No, Andrea, not here, let’s get back to my flat and we can talk”. ” Can Sean come with us also?” she asked. “Ok, but not for long!” I said.

My flat was just minutes away, we walked slowly, as all three of us were tipsy but at the same time we knew as soon as we get to the flat, we will fuck each other all night long.

We opened a bottle of wine in my flat and drunk a bit. Sean sat next to me and started playing with my breast and Andrea slowly was kissing my legs, moving closer to my wet pussy. She removed my knickers and put her finger just on top of my clitoris. She wasn’t moving it, just pressing slightly, but it was incredibly exciting. My eyes were closed, and the next thing I felt was a hot and very hard cock next to my lips. I open my eyes, Sean was naked in front of me, his cock was huge and fully erect. “Suck it baby!”. I took it into my mouth very slowly, licking the tip and swallowing it deeper and deeper. Andrea’s tongue was exploring my pussy, she licked it, sucked it, penetrated me with her fingers, god knows what else she did but I knew I will cum very soon. Sean was ready to cum also, as I can feel his huge dick was hard and swollen. My pussy couldn’t take it any more, everything had gone blurred, I was overwhelmed with pleasure and I came. Sean was cuming into my mouth at the same time. It was incredible! I opened my eyes, and I realised, me and Sean just had the most fantastic orgasms but Andrea had not been satisfied. I said to Sean “let’s eat Andrea’s pussy “.

She was sitting on a chair and Sean was in front of her on his knees pleasing her with his tongue. I opened my bedside cabinet and got out my strap-on, I really want to put it inside Andrea’s pussy. Sean looked at it and said “wow, can we try it on me while I’m eating this juicy pussy?” I was ready. I sat on my knees behind him, and slowly started to push my strap-on inside him. I wasn’t sure how deep he want me to go, but he kept pushing against me, the strap-on was going further and further inside him. I could see his cock became big and hard again. He moved his face from Andrea’s pussy and put his huge cock inside her. “Pleas, fuck my ass” Andrea moaned. He pushed his dick inside her ass. It was incredible. I was inside him, he was inside Andrea !!!!  It was like a wild animal dance, we wanted more and more. It was not long before three of us was ready to orgasm.  We exploded at the same time.

It took us half an hour to get back to reality. We had a shower together, another drink and it was the time for Sean and Andrea to leave. ” Should we do it again next week?” asked Sean. “Yes!!!!!” both me and Andrea shouted at the same time.

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