A Hard Lesson To Learn

Sue Dawson was raging, she had come back to her glamorous flat to find her lawyer fiancé Dan fucking her so called best friend. She immediately flung them both out of her front door and threw their clothes after them. How could this happen to her, she was rich, beautiful and had never been treated like this in her life.

The next night she went out to look for some company to cheer herself up. Just as she got to her car she was approached by an attractive young guy who asked her if there was somewhere nearby to eat as he was new to town.

She looked at him for a few seconds before she replied, then she said “Hop in the car and I’ll take you for a meal.” He was surprisingly good company over the dinner table and rather flirty so when she invited him back to her flat she was glad when he said yes.

When they got back, Sue looked  at her new friend Sam’s handsome face. “When I picked you up,” she said, “I had a reason.”

“I hope you’re not a mad scientist looking for body parts,” he laughed.

“I might be looking for body parts,” she said, “it depends on what you have to show me.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Well I’ve just had a very bad experience, I just caught my fiancé fucking my best friend in my own bed.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” he sympathized.

“It may sound kind of weird but when I bumped into you I was looking for someone to come back here with me and I was going to shag their brains out.

Sue got up from the table walked over to him and gave him a long lingering kiss. Her short skirt rode up quite high as she bent over and he couldn’t resist placing his hand on her leg and moving it gently up and down.

She responded to his touch by sitting on his lap, allowing his hand to proceed all the way up to her panties. As her tongue explored his mouth he moved his finger around the narrow barrier and put it just a few centimetres into the lips of her pussy. She gave a gasp as he moved the finger around.

Moving his hand from her legs he began to unbutton her top. As she was wearing no bra he made instant contact with her large breasts. He quickly pulled off her top and sucked on her red nipples. Sue could feel his cock grinding against her arse and led him over to the sofa and tugged off his clothes. She repositioned herself by drawing herself up, grabbing the back of the sofa and forcing the lower portion of her body upwards. Sam extended his arms to grasp her narrow waist and rammed his hard cock deep inside her. Their bodies crashed against each other with ever increasing intensity until he finally gave a loud gasp and came loudly as Sue felt herself begin to cum. She pushed back on him as though she wanted to get every last drop.” God that was good,” she kept repeating, “that was good.”

Both of them, quite exhausted, sat naked in each other arms and it was some considerable time before anyone spoke. Then Sue whispered, “Thank you.”

Later as Sam was getting ready to go, they swapped numbers and arranged to meet up for more of the same the next night.

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