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  • Carly
    In: £POA / Out: £POA
    Tantric Massage Specialist
  • Eva
    In: £250 / Out: £300
    Earl's Court
    Russian/Great Feedback
  • Natasha
    In: £300 / Out: £350
    Kensington Olympia
    Russian/Great Feedback
  • Helena
    In: £200 / Out: £250
    Earl's Court
    New Russian
  • Ava
    In: £150 / Out: £200
    Gloucester Road
    New Tall Brunette
  • Kaya
    In: £200 / Out: £250
    Russian Beach Bunny
  • Christina
    In: £300 / Out: £350
    South Kensington
  • Amy
    In: £500 / Out: £550
    Here until 02/03,Russian
  • Tatiana
    In: £300 / Out: £350
    South Kensington
    Tall Brunette Russian
  • Isabel
    In: £200 / Out: £250
  • Yvonne
    In: £POA / Out: £POA
    Tall Busty Blonde Russian
  • Sisi
    In: £150 / Out: £200
    Tall Slim A+ Bi Babe
  • Marina
    In: £200 / Out: £250
    Tall A+ Brunette

It is not surprising that most tall, beautiful women are instantly assumed to be models. Their slender curves and quiet confidence emanates from within, drawing appreciative glances wherever they go. At Agency Barracuda we have plenty of model London escorts who have the height and the glamour that is associated with the very elite of their class.

When you enter a room with a willowy blonde or a striking brunette be prepared to become the centre of attention. It is for this reason that many gentlemen who like to be perceived in a certain way choose our tall London escorts. They know that their beautiful model like companion will enhance their perceived status as well as provide sensual and elegant company for the evening ahead. Some clients prefer to enjoy the delights of their tall escorts in private and understandably so. Our imaginative and fun beauties love nothing more than to lavish their attentions on their partner in the privacy and intimacy a hotel encounter or incall can provide.

Our Tall London escorts look every inch the catwalk model and they have a lot of inches! Their sexy, slim bodies are not stick thin size 0 but have toned curves and feminine undulations as well as those fabulous long, colt like legs that give them their added desirability. Add a pair of stylish heels and just their stance is breathtaking in all situations.

Lots of men have a certain preference as to the type of woman they desire. Some men favour the breats, others the bottom but for some it is the long, slender legs that they find oh so desirable and sexy. Our tall London escorts have the most beautiful legs as well as all of the other qualities too so if you are tired of dating women who are petite or on the more diminutive side, why not spend time with our self assured and confident tall London escorts.

A taller woman is naturally more confident. When you always stand out from the crowd the natural instinct is to hunch and try and hide but our tall escort sin London are immensely proud of their height and walk tall in every sense of the word. Taller gentlemen prefer to spend their time with a beautiful woman who is on a level, intellectually and literally and who wouldn’t want to enjoy an evening in the company of a woman who looks like she has stepped from the covers of a glossy magazine or who should appear in London fashion week.

Our tall London escorts have many more qualities besides their long, sexy legs. They have style, poise, grace and sophistication and a certain air of assurance that eludes other escorts, no matter how elite they are. Our tall escorts in London are fun companions who are imaginative, glamorous and perfect for all occasions so if you do have an event that you need to attend, one of our tall escorts in London is the ideal choice for you. Take a look at our gallery and find that all our tall escorts are between 5’7 and 5’9. These are their heights without heels so do take into consideration a few extra inches for her sexy shoes. If you have a desire for taller women then you are in good company as many successful men including pop stars and actors prefer their companions to be striking in looks and personality to match their own confidence and attractiveness. Always aim to stand out from the crowd and with one of our tall London escorts on your arm, you certainly will!


Many gents have a preference for the type of woman they desire. They might be breast men, leg men or bum men, or indeed anything in between but for those who love a pair of well toned and shapely legs, new research out shows that perhaps it stems to something more than a physical desire …

If you speak to most tall girls you will hear plenty of reasons why they don’t enjoy being head and shoulders above the rest. They cite feeling less feminine, inability to wear heels and difficulty finding tall boyfriends as the main issues they face on a daily basis however our taller escorts at Agency Barracuda …