Secret night out

London may not be the biggest city in the world but it certainly has plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in. if you don’t want to be found, London has many different options that even locals don’t even know about. Here we have a run down on some of the best kept secrets of the city where you can enjoy a quiet or not so quiet drink with just the right amount of seediness to add that prison of excitement.

East London has to be the first place to head towards as its cellars and cobbled streets retain much of it’s historic charm. Shoreditch has reinvented itself of late and is very popular with the up and comings of the capital. With plenty of subterranean lock ups and speakeasys there are lots of places to get lost in. Happiness forgets is a charming cavern of cocktails situated beneath a Thai restaurant in Hoxton Square. Down to earth and practical, people go here to enjoy the cocktails and the ambience rather than to see and be seen. The perfect place to lose a few hours and to disappear of the map for a while. Moorgate is another area that has plenty to shout about in terms of basement beauties. The bar beneath the New Breakfast club in Spitalfields is something akin to a mountain hideaway. Ideal on a cold winter’s evening you can relax in the warmth of the venue and the atmosphere in equal measure. The cocktails are rather good too.

For those of you who require a more lavish and louche venue then head over to the ‘artistic’ area of London. Covent Garden is perhaps the best place to enjoy a not so secret night out. Decadent bars with bawdy cabarets are hidden away enough so as not to offend the culture crowd so head down to CellarDoor or Phoenix Artist Club. CellarDoor was once a public convenience however there are no references left that would give away its previous life. Lavishly updated and wildly decadent your night will be truly epic on a grand scale. The Phoenix Artist Club is where you will want to go if you really don’t care about your night being ‘secret’. The luvvies will be out in full force, the professional partygoers and the exhibitionists too although it is that public you could rely on being anonymous here. No-one is likely to take any notice of you given the outlandish folk who call themselves regulars. Certainly a place to go just to see the sights and have stories to dine out on for many years to come!

Of course our beautiful London escorts are available to accompany you on such nights out.  If you want to see the less promoted bars of London then our stunning escorts in London know all the best places to go however if you truly want a secret night in London then our best advice would be to make a booking at a London hotel and have one or more of our amazing London escorts visit you. Hotel staff can usually be relied upon for their discretion and, quite frankly, the numbers of guests who walk through their doors every day, they are unlikely to remember you anyway!