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We will use its best endeavours to promote Escorts including the electronic publication of photographs of Escorts submitted.
We retain the right to publish those photographs on the internet or in any other medium it deems appropriate to promote independent Escorts and by signing this agreement Escort consents to the same.


Work with Agency Barracuda- premier London Escort Agency

Welcome to the Employment page of London Escort Agency Barracuda. We are constantly looking for new fresh faces to advertise on our website. Please read this before submitting our Employment Form. After submitting the form please give us a couple of days to make a decision before bombarding us with phone calls. If we do not get back to you within 48hours, it means we not going to publish your profile on our website. We will not explain the reason why we made this decision. Here are some examples of why we are not interested to work with some Escorts.


1.     We are not interested in working with escorts who are listed on more then 3 other Escorts Agencies.

2.     We are not interested in working with people who represent Escorts, as we looking for just independent Escorts.

3.     We are not interested in working with people who do not have a legal right to work in the UK.

4.     We are not interested in working with escorts who are not willing to publish correct information on our website (age, nationality, etc.).

5.     We are not interested in working with Escorts who use heavily photoshopped images, or fake pictures.

6.     Please make sure you have National Insurance number and regestered for the Tax Returns as a Self-Employed.

7.     Please make sure you have a copy of your Passport/ID to show your age and Nationality.

8.    You have to be strictly over 19 years old.


Please do not take it personally, but we are trying to be more selective with people who we work with. Good luck!

Please use the Employment form or email us directly on : agencybarracuda@gmail.com