Two and a half minutes to midnight!

If you are still basking in the romantic afterglow of valentine’s day by the 16th February then you are either very much in love or the ‘Mysterious Universe’ prediction is right and we have been struck by an asteroid. This latest Doomsday theory states that a massive asteroid is set to hit earth on that day causing the death of our planet. The asteroid apparently comes from a planetary system called Nibiru, the same place that the Annunaki live. These are the beings that are attributed with the creating of human life. If this is all news to you then that’s because conspiracy theorists state that there is a pact between Russia and western governments to conceal the existence of the planet, the beings and their determination to end life on earth! Well, that explains that then!

Every year there seems to be a new doomsday prediction, and this year is no exception. Today the organisation managing the ‘doomsday clock’ have announced that they have moved the ‘time’  to 2.5 minutes to midnight. The clock is a universal  indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe. The closest it has ever been to midnight was in 1953 when the USA created the hydrogen bomb. With the ‘time’ set to two and a half minutes to the witching hour of midnight, scientists seem to think that this is the greatest chance of exterminating our planet than ever before, perhaps they know more about this asteroid than they are letting on!

Most of us will probably simply get on with our lives, even in the face of this terrifying news. The snow will still fall tomorrow and most likely further tube strikes will be planned but if you want to make absolutely sure you get to enjoy your last few weeks on earth, while it still exists, we recommend that the best way to do that would be to enjoy a tryst with any of our sensual and erotic London escorts. If the worst is set to happen, might as well make the earth move in the right way!

If the Annunaki are to be credited with the creation of the human race then they should be applauded for their choice of beauties. If our gallery of stunning companions is anything to go by then the female of that species must be something really special. Perhaps it won’t be such a bad thing if they do decide to invade us!

Whilst you are waiting for our planet to be invaded by a group of sensational beauties , our London escort agency has many of our own. With escorts from all over the world there should be more than enough choice to keep everyone entertained. Whether you have a preference for blondes, brunettes or busty women we have Latin stunners, Baltic beauties and Raunchy Russians of all types and of all experiences to thrill and ignite the imagination. With the extensive portfolio at our London escort agency,, you are going to be extremely busy between now and the planned date of Armageddon on 16th February! Call now and make a start as soon as possible 07912673063

Winter warmers at Agency Barracuda

There are only a few things in life that cause a Londoner to raise his/her eyebrows and one of them is snow. Snow doesn’t often fall in London and when it does it doesn’t get to stay around very long. In the city we feel as if we are impervious to the weather , except of course, rain so when we see photos in the media of the rest of the country being whitewashed, we tend to ignore it and concentrate on how to get home in a tube strike.

Funnily enough, yesterday saw a fresh tube strike going ahead so you have probably already ha the week from hell so to make matters worse, forecasters are predicting that we could actually have snow in London on Friday! If you have any spare leave you can take, the suggestion would be to take it and cut your losses and enjoy a long weekend!

Of course, any snow in London is not likely to be heavy however, given the fact that our infrastructure cannot bar anything more than a touch of drizzle it is bound to impact on all of us causing travel misery everywhere. Of course, at Agency barracuda, our best advice would be to simply stay at home and ensure you have plenty planned to keep you warm and occupied. It is handy that this is likely on a Friday so it could just be a blessing in disguise. You get the extended weekend plus the perfect excuse to book one of our beauties to keep you warm in the frosty conditions.

Whilst you might wonder how our stunning London escorts get about during all the various rail and transport action and strikes. Most of our ladies are happy to use taxi and car services and always ensure that they leave in plenty of time to get to their appointments when expected. Where a client is expecting to spend time with them at a hotel in London, we have plenty of beauties who live close by and can even walk to the encounter. There is little that gets in the way of our clients having fun!

We have a full complement of beauties available for your booking pleasure tomorrow although if the weather does take a turn for the worse overnight tonight then we would recommend that clients make their bookings with as much advance notice as possible. We often receive last minute calls from gents who suddenly decide that the effort of fighting through the traffic is too much and given the fact that it will be Friday we expect to see plenty of people choosing to ‘work from home’.

As you can see from our gallery we have a number of stunning London escorts who are guaranteed to melt any frost or snow. Many of our stunners originally come from Russia and other Eastern European countries that regularly deal with much worse winter conditions than our so to continue with their outcalls is not a problem at all.  Why not give us a call and turn your snow day into a Yo! Day. Call Agency barracuda on 07912673063

Build a bunker

If you thought that 2016 was bad, it is about to get a great deal worse if the predictions of an Italian Nostradamus are to be believed. Matteo Tafuri died in 1582 but before his death he predicted that two consecutive days of snow in the town of Salento would be the first sign of an impending apocalypse however given the usually warm climate of this Italian area, he has had to wait nearly 500 years for it to come to pass. A couple of days ago saw the very first time ever that Salento enjoyed two consecutive days of snow so of course all the doomsayers have had a field day on social media.

Tafuri does not state in what capacity this apocalypse will take, to most people of that time we would imagine just the way we live our lives would be seen as apocalyptic but of course we have to give the doom mongers something to plan for!

Hollywood does love an ‘end of world as we know it’ scenario and there have been plenty of films made which show the impending end of the earth. All we need is a hero with a beautiful girlfriend to save the day and we’ll all be alright. Could you be that hero or would you prefer to simply enjoy the last few hours you have remaining in some excellent company. At our London escort agency we certainly have the right companionship that will ensure your absolute satisfaction right to the end and even if some new ‘James Bond type’ saves the day then you can still say you spend the last few hours doing what you thoroughly enjoy. Everyone’s a winner.

If the writings of Tafuri have unsettled you then do remember that in the middle ages, there was not such an understanding in changing weather patterns across the earth and climate change. They did not realise that places that are deserts now were one lush tropical forests and lands which are now green and pleasant were once icy places without any habitation so if it has taken 500 years to have 2 days of snow, in December,  in a usually warm area of the world then it is not quite the message of impending doom it was written as. Plus the fact that these were the same people who burnt ginger haired people at the stake because they were ‘demons of the devil’. So forgive us if we don’t take it too seriously but with regards to having an excuse to spend an hour or so in some sexy company then go right ahead and use it as your raison d’etre.

Our London escort agency has plenty of stunning companions to spend time with. We even have amazing red haired beauties that you might like to date, just to thumb your nose at Tafuri. Our red heads could be the ‘she-devil’ you are looking for as they certainly have the passion and sensual awareness that will lead you on a path of debauchery, but then isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?

What is flat and skinny?

What better feeling could there be after a long, stressful day at work than to come home, kick off your shoes and take a big sip of that ice cold wine in your fridge. Nothing, except for the fact that there is no wine in your fridge because left over wine is not something that happens in your house! Cue the shoes back on and regardless of the weather, a trip to the nearest overpriced off license to find that they are (again) out of stock of your top 10 favourites. If only your favourite wine could be waiting for you patiently like the world’s best Labrador only without the hair and the licking.

Garcon wines is a London based company which has that exact solution and they have come up with their wonderfully shaped wine bottles that fit through your letterbox! Subscriptions can be placed from £10 per month so that your favourite bottle(s) of wine can be posted through your door to wait for your return from work. Exciting!

We actually really like this idea and whilst the company admit that their wine choices are not going to be those you would want to store in your wine cellar, most of us just want to down it straight away anyway. We are not buying them for their vintage after all. For anyone wondering the new wine bottles are longer and flatter than the usual rounded shape so that they can fit through your letter box and of course they are plastic and well packaged in a wonderful tamper free box. The subscriptions can be for as many bottle as you desire although of course they will need to be packaged individually otherwise the point of the company is, well, defunct.

There are so many ideas that companies come up with nowadays but few are actually useful to the average Joe or Joanne. This, is definitely a winner and one which we see ourselves using quite a bit! Our local off license owner will certainly feel the pinch but then perhaps he should have thought of that before not caring about stocking our usual choices. Just don’t mix it up with the olive oil as these flat plastic wine bottles are very similar!

Wine of course is something that should be shared with the right company and at our London escort agency we have plenty of stunning London escorts who would love to spend an evening relaxing with you and a chilled beverage. So get your order in  now and make a date with any of our gorgeous escorts in London. We offer outcalls so that our ladies will come to you no matter where you are in the city so you could almost say that we also offer a delivery service except that our ladies are certainly not flat or plastic and wont fit through your letter box! Why not speak to one of our team and make that date for this weekend as we have plenty of stunning blondes, brunettes and cheeky Latin lovelies for you to choose from.

Ready for Blue Monday?

Traditionally the most miserable day in the year, Blue Monday is fast approaching. With snow forecast for much of the country in the next few days, post Christmas debt, winter illness and the fact that most have given up on their new year resolutions, Monday 16th January looks like it every part of the formula applies however fear not, our beautiful London escorts are here to help you beat the blues.

The term was coined originally by a holiday company a few years ago which used the depressing formula as a way to encourage people to book their summer holidays and start to have something to look forward to. Today the term is hijacked by most companies who want to sell something they think will cheer us up and to encourage slow January sales.

Of course January is a typically slow month in all genres of business and marketers like to jump on every possible chance to sell their product. We must also admit to using the term to engage with our clients although we have scientific evidence to prove that sensual stimulation wards off depression. What better way to revitalise your self esteem than to spend a few hours rediscovering what lights your fire?

The post Christmas slump is an easy trap to fall into. With Dry January growing in popularity and an end to all the parties and socialising, it can be easy to find yourself only waking and working however, you can inject a little spice into this month by browsing our gallery of gorgeous London escorts and choosing which of our newest beauties you would like to spend time with. There certainly are plenty of ways to make ‘blue Monday’ mean something else entirely and much cheaper than hastily booking a holiday!

At Agency Barracuda we never rest. Despite the fact that this month is supposed to be quiet, we are not seeing any dip in the desire to spend time with our beauties. No wonder since our gallery of new London escorts is bursting with stunners from all over the world. We have sensual South American beauties and busty Brazilian babes who can make it feel like the sun is always shining, at least in your heart (and perhaps other areas too). We also have erotic Baltic beauties who have no problem with any flurries and certainly don’t let them get in the way of their lust. London may grind to a halt in the bad weather but our London escorts certainly don’t.

Yet another reason to enjoy time with our bevvy of beauties are the planned public transport problems. Stay at home and simply have one of our stunners come and visit you or better still if you find yourself stranded in London then book a hotel, file it under expenses and have one of our gorgeous London escorts keep you company.

There are so many ways that you can turn around what looks like a bad experience and make it into something you will want to remember for a long time. Call Agency Barracuda now and lets plan for a fabulous ‘Blue Monday’.

January Birthdays

January is not known for being the best month to have a birthday. The latter half of December is just a tad less awful in that at least people are feeling a little bit more energised and happy, even if it is just because of Christmas however in January there is little to keep the party atmosphere going.

Most people who have birthdays in January experience a rubbish time. Trying to arrange a party or get together is almost impossible because many are doing ‘dry January’ or simply drying out after the excesses of Christmas and the New year. Gifts are perhaps not quite as lush as they could be because everyone is flat broke and fresh out of ideas and the worst of all are those people who decided that they would combine your birthday gift with your Christmas one so don’t even pretend to make the effort since, in their heads, they have already taken care of it. No wonder Capricorns and Aquarius’s are seen to be a little more grumpy than everyone else!

We have spoken about Blue Monday before and whist it was introduced as being the most miserable day in the annual calendar, there are benefits for those whose Birthdays are in January. Many companies have taken pity and chosen to reward those poor souls with free offers and heavy discounts. Obviously they have an ulterior motive in that they want your group booking to be in their premises or they want you to buy their product but by targeting those who still want to celebrate in January and who still have a legitimate reason to, everyone is happy.

One such company is the Franco Manca Pizza chain. Anyone celebrating their birthday in January is entitled to a free pizza on 16th – Blue Monday. All you have to do is show ID and you get your own freebie feast. There are plenty of Franco Manca outlets across London and some have even started to pop up in other areas of the South east so if you are in the city then there should be one close by. At least it means that you shouldn’t have to battle with transport issues given the fact that there is bound to be one within close proximity.

Of course a free pizza might not be what you are looking for and you might want to treat yourself to something else for your birthday so if an intimate encounter with a beautiful woman sounds more up your street then do feel free to browse our galleries and see which of our gorgeous London escorts you would like to share your birthday suit with. Our ladies are excellent at blowing out candles and have many other skills you may find handy for your birthday.

As we have mentioned before, January does not have to be the month that you dread. Our London escort agency likes to jazz things up a bit and add that little touch of pizzaz to liven up those dark evenings. On the bright side, the days are getting longer and even if we still have a few weeks left of freezing conditions, there are always plenty of ways to warm up. Call our London escort agency now to find out what they might be!

Are you a Sapiosexual?

A new term that people are labelling themselves with, Sapiosexuals are people who rate intelligence as the most important trait in a prospective sexual partner.  For some it is big tits, for others it is blonde hair but for the self appointed intelligent people, intellect and cleverness is the thing that gets them going. Apparently if you are not deemed intelligent enough then you are not going to get past the first post.

At Agency Barracuda we like to ensure that we reflect a diverse section of society and provide various different galleries of all types of stunning London escorts, perhaps we need to make a new gallery of sapiosexual escorts?

Not only is the term gaining ground but it has also gained its own dating app. Much like Tinder, but of course only for the self style ‘clever’ people there is something of a mastermind quiz that must be passed in order to qualify! Questions include those on philosophy, politics, culture and social etiquette. Never mind swiping right, one must pass the barrage of intellectual questions posed by the prospective date before finding a match!

The app is something of a chore, not unlike dating a self-appointed sapiosexual it seems. Coins must be earned by answering various questions correctly in order to unlock the answers of your prospective date. This is a great deal of effort when one considers that all you are looking for is some stimulating company and perhaps a frolic after a couple of prosecco’s. Pretentious is perhaps the word we are looking for or perhaps elitist. Now there is nothing wrong with going out on an elite date, we have our own gallery of elite London escorts but we define this in other ways and not on a score card of MENSA questions.

Sapoisexuals are gaining ground it seems. With over 9000 people on OKCupid associating with the term and many more expressing an interest in sapiosexuality on ‘plenty of fish’ this may not go away any time soon. It is ironic though that a term has been coined to label something that we all do without thinking anyway. Attractiveness is not always defined by looks or personality. We tend to seek out those with whom we share a common bond anyway – at least for long term relationships. Its called being human.

When is ‘Hey’ not ok?

As opening one liners go ‘Hey’ is pretty universal. It can be used in a variety of situations and came come across as a more casual or intimate greeting depending on the tone used. All in all, ‘Hey’ is quite a versatile word in the dating world or so you would think.

The dating experts at Tinder disagree. Apparently, it is an instant swipe left if you use this as an opener which seems pretty harsh considering the word is about as inoffensive as you can get! On Tinder, it seems, ‘Hey’ is a bit of a cliché and shows a distinct lack of effort. We have no such reservations and at our London escort agency we like to think that perhaps we are not as highly strung as those on Tinder. Perhaps it is because everyone knows where they stand when they call us up. At our London escort agency our clients have no need for self-questioning, they certainly do not need to feel inadequate or inferior. All those self-doubts can be left on your dating profile so that our clients can fully immerse themselves into their date, full of confidence and a sense of adventure.

Whilst dating apps such as Tinder can be useful for people wanting to hook up, we must remember that the people using them may have hidden agendas. It is not common for a beautiful woman to be looking for a no strings encounter and that is why our beautiful London escorts are so rare. They are the genuine few who really do enjoy sensual encounters and are truly not looking for anything long term. One has to question the motives of someone promoting themselves in the public forum in this way as beautiful women tend not to have too much difficulty in finding a date, even easier to find a one night stand.

Dating apps are big business and whilst many users may have become bored with looking for ‘the one’ on them they still have an addictiveness that is hard to ignore. One should really question that if the person of your dreams is still seeking companionship on a public dating website – are they really what you are looking for. At Agency Barracuda we make no apologies for the service we provide. Our is an open and honest arrangement that leaves everyone with a sense of satisfaction without any emotional baggage whatsoever. No regrets, no lingering issues just plain old fun.

The next time you want to start with the opener ‘Hey’ just go for it. Our London escorts are likely to retort with a ‘hey yourself’, instantly conveying the warmth of their personalities and putting you at ease. Some people tend to overthink things and maybe this is what Tinder have done in analysing a simple word use as a greeting. They have become bogged down in the minutiae and lost themselves in the process. Keep it real and keep it casual, that way you keep it fun, which, after all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Bank holiday bonus

Bank holidays are great excuses to completely let yourself go and perhaps experience things that you would not have thought of otherwise. The only reason Bank holidays tend to enable us to be more adventurous is the fact that we feel like we are getting a ‘free’ extra day off and when attached to a weekend in the summer months, the sense of freedom and daring is wonderful.

Of course there are always plenty of things going on in all areas and these usually involve being outside and making the most of the last of the summer weather but at Agency Barracuda, we have some suggestions that could not be spoilt by our traditional British bank holiday weather and will certainly not be a wash out even if we experience the torrential rain of previous years.

Following the theme of being a bit more daring, our A+ London escorts are primed and ready for fun. Our A Levels escorts are definitely the open minded and exotic escorts in London. These are the girls for whom taboo is tantalising. A levels are still not commonplace in society and therefore their lack of acceptance and availability in the main stream make them seem all the more desirable. Much like the free day off, they seem naughty and out of bounds. Our A + London escorts are always willing to join you in your pursuit of pleasure and if you prefer the more adventurous side of fun which includes A levels then they will be ready and raring to go.

At our London escort agency we have a number of sensational beauties who are happy to enjoy A Levels fun. Each of our high class escorts in London has her own profile where she has expressed her personal pleasures that she enjoys. If you share the same interests then our agency can make the necessary arrangements so that you can enjoy your free day off being as naughty as you desire together! Call our London escort agency on 07912673063 to make that date

Happy Birthday Internet!

25 years ago today, the internet became accessible to the world. The invention of the World Wide web has been attributed to Tim burners-Lee however a private internet was available to scientists long before it became public. The Internet is  wonderful (sometimes) invention used initially to share information around the world however as these things do, it has mushroomed beyond all expectations and now our lives would be that much more difficult without it. What would we do without those funny cat memes?

Of course the internet has changed the way we do pretty much everything, including booking a date with any of our stunning London escorts. Before the world wide web,  you had to rely on classified adverts in newspapers or cards in telephone boxes which limited a client’s choice somewhat. Now you get to see all our VIP London escorts in all their glory before you even book. When you consider that 25 years ago you would have had to simply describe the type of girl you wanted over the telephone and hope that the agency sent around a beautiful girl. Now the options are endless and we think that whilst the internet might be considered a little intrusive in some ways, it more than makes up for the benefits.

With over 3 million emails sent every second, it is unlikely that its popularity will diminish any time soon and if you realise that over 40% of the entire world population has access to the internet – that’s a lot of people sharing information! The Internet has certainly changed the way our escort agency is run. With cool new ideas and ways to enhance the service our London escort agency provides, our clients can only continue to expect the very best from Agency Barracuda and al our beautiful VIP London escorts. Happy Birthday Internet from all of us!