Secret night out

London may not be the biggest city in the world but it certainly has plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in. if you don’t want to be found, London has many different options that even locals don’t even know about. Here we have a run down on some of the best kept secrets of the city where you can enjoy a quiet or not so quiet drink with just the right amount of seediness to add that prison of excitement.

East London has to be the first place to head towards as its cellars and cobbled streets retain much of it’s historic charm. Shoreditch has reinvented itself of late and is very popular with the up and comings of the capital. With plenty of subterranean lock ups and speakeasys there are lots of places to get lost in. Happiness forgets is a charming cavern of cocktails situated beneath a Thai restaurant in Hoxton Square. Down to earth and practical, people go here to enjoy the cocktails and the ambience rather than to see and be seen. The perfect place to lose a few hours and to disappear of the map for a while. Moorgate is another area that has plenty to shout about in terms of basement beauties. The bar beneath the New Breakfast club in Spitalfields is something akin to a mountain hideaway. Ideal on a cold winter’s evening you can relax in the warmth of the venue and the atmosphere in equal measure. The cocktails are rather good too.

For those of you who require a more lavish and louche venue then head over to the ‘artistic’ area of London. Covent Garden is perhaps the best place to enjoy a not so secret night out. Decadent bars with bawdy cabarets are hidden away enough so as not to offend the culture crowd so head down to CellarDoor or Phoenix Artist Club. CellarDoor was once a public convenience however there are no references left that would give away its previous life. Lavishly updated and wildly decadent your night will be truly epic on a grand scale. The Phoenix Artist Club is where you will want to go if you really don’t care about your night being ‘secret’. The luvvies will be out in full force, the professional partygoers and the exhibitionists too although it is that public you could rely on being anonymous here. No-one is likely to take any notice of you given the outlandish folk who call themselves regulars. Certainly a place to go just to see the sights and have stories to dine out on for many years to come!

Of course our beautiful London escorts are available to accompany you on such nights out.  If you want to see the less promoted bars of London then our stunning escorts in London know all the best places to go however if you truly want a secret night in London then our best advice would be to make a booking at a London hotel and have one or more of our amazing London escorts visit you. Hotel staff can usually be relied upon for their discretion and, quite frankly, the numbers of guests who walk through their doors every day, they are unlikely to remember you anyway!

The term GFE is one which has crept into our daily vocabulary in recent years. For those not au fait with it, GFE means Girl friend experience. Most London escort agencies offer this service although it is debatable as to whether the clients feel they receive it. When one is looking for sensual female companionship there is much more to it than simply a cold physical experience. Warmth, tenderness and the ability to at least hold a meaningful conversation is a must and something that we expect as standard at Agency barracuda. We like our clients to truly go on a date with their London escorts and enjoy the fun and emotional thrills as well as the more physical ones. There is more to a successful date than to be out with a beautiful woman, that woman must have a genuine personality and a genuine delight in spending time with her date. At Agency Barracuda we like to think that all our London escorts offer a girl friend experience with every encounter which is why our ladies and our London escort agency are always so very much in demand.

Most people tend to think of the more energetic fun that can be enjoyed with a London escort however, as our clients will attest, there are plenty of times that clients simply want to enjoy female company rather than anything else. There are so many places and venues to enjoy a night out in London however most of them can only truly be enjoyed in the company of another and so this is why our high class London escorts are the ideal GFE escorts in London. Dinner dates, social engagements and even business evenings can be enhanced when in the right company and our sensational London escorts are not only beautiful physically they are extremely well educated, well travelled and intelligent. Call now to book a date with our high class escorts in London at Agency Barracuda.

Make a splash in London

Think of summer in London and our minds immediately picture months of hot and uncomfortable days. However you don’t have to go to a far away beach to enjoy a refreshing dip in cool waters as London has a number of Lido’s and outdoor pools to cool off in. For those looking for a refreshing dip while escaping the summer heat, what could be more enticing than soaking in an open-air pool? Fortunately, London has plenty of options for anyone up for a serious swim or a glorious tan. From lidos to pools or swimming ponds, here are some of the coolest dip spots in the city:

Three available pools for ladies, men and mixed groups are open all year round at the Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds. They are originally dammed-off clay pits, and the water remains chilly even in summer. Ideal places to let off steam and perfectly placed to enjoy an elite encounter with one of our gorgeous high class London escorts.

If you have time to book ahead, head over to King’s Cross Pond Club, one of the coolest dip spots in London. Technically an art installation, this oval shaped, 40-metre man-made freshwater public pool was specially constructed to evoke a new perspective on its surrounding urban areas. Another top favourite is the Tooting Bec Lido, the largest fresh water pool in England famed for its iconic, Pantone-coloured changing huts. Opened as a bathing lake in 1906, the Tooting Bec Lido has attracted a constant stream of devoted swimmers and pool-posers alike since its opening.

If you fancy tanning or dipping amidst the lush Hyde Park, head over to Serpentine Lido and experience swimming with the masses, local ducks and swans. However, do note that the water is not heated nor chlorinated, which is an advantage for swimmers who prefer the more natural bathing experience. Of course our London escorts are always hot and perhaps just a cool shower in your London hotel could be just what you need – call us and we can make whatever arrangements you need.

Are you Bi-modal?

We should all be bi-modal apparently. This is not a new way to enjoy a sensual and erotic pleasure,. Although if you are feeling adventurous who is to say that there is anyting wrong in that but Bi-modal actually means sleeping twice a day or enjoying segmented sleep. Up until the early 19th century this was the norm. people would have their first sleep in the day and then their second sleep later in the night time. This is a more natural way to listen to the needs of one’s body and it seems that in today’s modern society, trying to cram in 8 hours sleep in one go is proving difficult. So bring back the siesta we say!

Of course to fully experience the benefits of a deep slumber, anxiety reduction and physical exertion are necessary so for all those insomniacs out there perhaps an overnight encounter with one of our beautiful high class London escorts could be just what the doctor ordered in order for you to fully enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep. Of course an all night encounter does not mean that you will be kept awake all night long, our ladies need their beauty sleep too but just the comfort and warmth of waking in the arms of a beautiful woman will do wonders for your vitality and energy levels the next day so this is something that we recommend wholeheartedly!

Given the erratic lifestyles we lead today perhaps two naps a day could in fact help us all out to become much more productive. Sticking to the social norm in a world of 24 hour action is very limiting to say the least. Our London escort agency is open from 9am right through to 2am so there is plenty of time for you to make your date with our high class escorts in London. Why not give us a call now but make sure you have a nap before your date so you are ready and raring to go!

This is Big Bro. Taking over the show!

Next time you book into a hotel room, you might just want to sweep it for bugs and other devices despite just being a regular person and not a James Bond style spy. That’s because of a sinister new trend for hackers to take over ‘smart’ devices including smart TVs to record private footage and upload to the internet.

It has been reported recently that many couples have found themselves on porn sites without their knowledge just because they got amorous in their lounge. Hackers have taken over the webcams on the smart TV’s and recorded intimate and private encounters and posted them online. There have been no communication prior and couples have simply found out because their rooms were recognised by someone they know. Scary stuff. Obviously it might be wise to tape over the smart cams on the offending TVs or simply remove them and put them in the bathroom during your stay if you feel your private live needs to stay private. There have been no records of hotels being targeted however something to consider when privacy is of such great importance.

Agency Barracuda our aim is to ensure that our clients enjoy an amazing time in the company of our beautiful high class London escorts. Our clients and our escorts privacy is of paramount importance. You will not find a London escort agency with such high standards and attention to detail as ours and this is why when this type of news reaches us we make it a priority to warn others.

A little bit of paranoia could go a long way to keeping your intimate personal details safe and so even if you are not staying in London as part of your latest mission to thwart a superspy it certainly pays to be vigilant! Place your trust in our agency as our ladies are for your eyes only!

Flaming June!

We’ve heard it all before but us optimistic Brits love to hear a good weather prediction. Apparently those ‘in the know’ are predicting a scorching hot month in June with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees in most cases! So, don’t book any holidays, stay at home and enjoy the weather for once, if The Met Office and ‘Weatheraction’ are to be believed.

The best temperatures we have ever experienced in June were 38.5C but forecasters are saying that the effects of El Nino and El Nina could actually see us surpass this record! So, get out the flip flops and stock up the freezer with plenty of meat because your BBQ is set for a sizzle. Of course in true British fashion, high temperatures do not necessarily mean sunshine. It seems (apart from Ireland) we are the only country in the world to experience a heat wave without any actual sun, and sun cream , if most brits’ scalded skin is anything to go by.

Our stunning London escorts love a bit of  heat – and we are not just talking sunshine. Our beauties love the opportunity to wear their best summer outfits with flirty fabrics and barely there bikinis.  Even though London is not near any beaches there are still plenty of green spaces, not to mention the Lido at the serpentine where you can strip off and baste yourself in the sun. A bikini clad goddess beside you will be enough to melt any man’s ice lolly and make you the envy of the city so perhaps given the fact that we have been given something of a warning, best to make your booking before it is too late! Given the social economics and uncertainty in the world at the moment, this summer will see more than most stay in the city rather than jetting off elsewhere so with the promised fair weather, make sure you don’t miss out on your very own fair weather friend.

Always a winner at Agency Barracuda

They say that blondes have more fun although at Agency Barracuda we beg to differ. All our stunning London escorts are fabulous fun to be with regardless of their hair colour or other obvious qualities. Most gents who get the chance to spend time with them consider themselves to have won the lottery on lust however for one young chap in Russia he really did! As the lucky 100,000 visitor to an online games website, this 16 year old lad won the dubious prize of living with a Russian adult actress in a hotel room for an entire month. Of course he was delighted to have been the lucky recipient and straight away started to plan all the things he could enjoy during his stay – strangely enough none of them included studying for his forthcoming exams.  His mother, on the other hand, was not so delighted for some reason.

At Agency Barracuda, all of our clients get to feel like they have won the lottery every time they step out with one of our beautiful escorts. Most do not tend to spend an entire month holed up in a hotel room, although many would probably like to. A single hour is often enough to satisfy most needs although all of our beautiful London escorts are always more than happy to offer overnight trysts as well as evenings out for longer periods if required.

It is a well known fact that all women from Russia are beautiful and at Agency Barracuda we like to think that most of the stunning Russian escorts in London who are blessed with model figures and breathtaking beauty can be booked through our agency.  For those gentlemen wishing to book their own model date in London then they can choose from our gorgeous blondes and of course our brunettes as they desire. Our clients will certainly feel like winners whenever they enjoy the company of our stunning companions and so why not make it a winning evening and give us a call

Wedding rules

Spring has arrived and with it a raft of summer wedding invitations and the problems start with deciding who you will have to accompany you to these events. For the most part those who do not have a significant other tend to arrive in packs with all their friends but if you want to enjoy the event with a beautiful woman and not rely on one of the bridesmaids getting drunk then our gloriously gorgeous London escorts are available to join you for the celebrations. Just don’t expect any thanks from the bride if she feels a little upstaged!

Our beautiful and elite London escorts understand that to all events there are a certain set of rules that must be followed. With weddings this is no different as there are different customs all over the world. Regardless of where our beautiful escorts originally come from they all understand the social niceties of our British customs and traditions. They understand for instance that guests should not wear white whatsoever as this is a colour that is reserved for the bride alone. This did not used to be the case though as it was only when Queen Victoria chose white for her wedding to Prince Albert that it became commonplace. Prior to that, red was the colour of choice. Now only ‘unconventional’ brides choose any other colour than white with cream or ivory being the most popular choices.

There are plenty of other customs that are perhaps not so nice, particularly within the asian and African cultures. If you ever find yourself invited to one of these then be prepared in South Korea to beat the groom’s feet with canes and fish the night before the wedding or perhaps in Fiji you will need to locate a Whale’s tooth in order for the bride’s father to agree to the marriage!   For British weddings, you simply need to turn up and have a good time and in the company of any of our beautiful escorts in London, you are sure to fulfil that requirements easily!

The feast of all Fools

The 1st of April is the day when no-one can trust the news because it is the day of hoaxes and pranks. This is a tradition that is recognised the world over and has been in existence since the popular ‘feat of fools’ in medieval times and even the feast of ‘Hilaria’ in Roman times. If you happen to be in France or a French speaking nation on 1st April then the holiday is known as the poisons d’Avril – literally ‘April Fish’ and the ‘joke’ is to pin a paper fish on someone without them realising – hilarious! Mmm.

On 1st of April, even in the days leading up to All fools day, it can be difficult to know what is right and what is a joke however clients at Agency Barracuda will be more than relieved to know that we never joke about the services we provide and neither do we joke about the beauties we promote. Whilst everyone else is telling tall tales and making fun we are simply making our clients have a great time. No joke.

At our London escort agency we understand that some clients, especially those who have never experienced our services before may be forgiven for mistrusting the sheer beauty and accessibility of our stunning escort girls. To these clients we can only reassure them that the girls they see in the galleries are the exact girls who they will see at their door. The only way really for  knowing for sure is to give us a call and make a booking.

Clients who use other, perhaps, cheaper services are the April Fools. Whilst cheaper services may be less pressure on your wallet they are also less fun for you. Our refined and elegant companions are every inch the high class stunners who certainly know how to have a good time and not at the expense of others! Call now and make your April date with any of our beauties who are available in all locations of the city – no joke!


Enjoying a knees up is not something we need a great excuse for at the best of times but to hear that UK pubs are being allowed to extend their opening hours in June is music to our ears! This is all in aid of celebrating for the 90th Birthday of our Monarch and whether you are a monarchist or not, the chance to enjoy a few bevies outside of normal opening hours is something not to be missed.  As long as those extra hours are in the evening and not for the middle of the day we will be fine!

The Prime minister confirmed the change in the Houses of Parliament this week although he hasn’t mentioned if he is getting the first round in! There are bound to be plenty of celebrations going on over this period as we Brits do like to enjoy a party – whatever the cause! Of course in June, around the Queen’s Birthday, the city is set to be full with tourists who love al the pomp and circumstance and at Agency Barracuda we expect to be even busier than usual!  We would urge clients to book with as much notice as they can as it is likely that many of our beautiful London escorts will have their dates organised already and so if clients do not want to end up disappointed or have no choice but to spend those extra few hours in the bar – you had better make your arrangements fast!

The Queen’s Birthday celebrations are due to take place on June 10th and 11th so if you need to book some time off work, then get to it! Our London escorts will be available throughout these dates although given the larger volume of people expected in the city at this time we do expect our beauties to be extremely busy. Why not give us a call and make your arrangements now while you still have the chance.